Client Testimonials

Marco P. (Immigration Law)

"Ronza Rafo has been my Immigration attorney for the last 3 months and has been doing a wonderful job. She Sure has the passion for what she does. She took my case when i needed it most, helped me with all my paperwork and explained to me exactly where i stand and broke down each step that she took to insure i understood it in simple language. Her Spanish is also a key factor to help me understand some of the documents. My case was such a mess to begin with, i had an attorney prior to Ronza and he just had little knowledge about how things work, she really has paid close attention to all the details and made sure everything was filed properly. I would recommend Ronza Rafo to all of san diego and future people that are in my situation and need professional help with their immigration paper work. Thank you so much Ronza. You really help me understand the law better and made me feel at ease."


David A. (Child Custody)

"Judge ordered a crazy amount of child support and spousal support to be paid to my ex wife!! (an amount that left me with less than 200 of spending money every month). Everything went downhill from there and I even had to move back in with my mom. I couldnt afford an attorney but I wish I would have hired attorney Ronza sooner because it turns out I filled all the forms out wrong and messed everything up. She helped me with the fees and was very understanding."


Tony C. (Child Custody & Divorce)

"I was referred to Ronza by a close friend of mine who insisted that I go and consult his attorney before I completely lose my custody battle to my lovely ex wife. Upon contacting her I was scheduled for a free consultation where I was pleased to deal with the attorney herself, rather than just a paralegal. Ronza immediately made me feel at ease by quickly pointing out all the key points to my case before she had even studied it, that showed me how experienced and quick to pick up details she is. To sum it up, I was pleased with her professionals, representation, and always responded to my questions and inquiries in a timely manner. I would recommend this law office to anyone."


Audriana (Divorce)

"Ronza is a professional in every sense of the word. She advised me on my case and was always prompt in answering my questions. She is smart, caring, and most importantly, trustworthy. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking any attorney for family law."


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